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It has been a while

2012-04-08 20:17:55 by MVK-Productions

New games. New team. Fresh Ideas. Same ambitions.

MVK PRODUCTIONS. April 2012 - We are back...

It has been a while

Both of our huge upcoming games are currently being stripped of all code and re-done with actionscript 3 - causing a minor delay that will turn out well worth the wait!


2009-04-01 07:06:35 by MVK-Productions

No forums?

Horrible colours?

Every 'post mood' in some little chinese man as well as all of the pics?

Blocking and changing half of the words into 'revolutionise' and stuff?

Cant go on any good games?

This is pathetic. Upside down youtube made me pee myself laughing but here at newgrounds its made me angry =@

If you cant anderstand the majority of the above... its probably coz its gone through the stupid system that changes it all =@

MVK Widget One out Soon!

2008-12-08 04:01:03 by MVK-Productions

The ultimate flash tool is arriving soon! MVK Widget one is arriving to Newgrounds soon!

Now that Mouse Challenge 3 is out, even from around just 15 reviews, I already have big plans for Mouse Challenge 4.

Things to possibly add:
More Mouse Pointers as unlockables (not just the blue dot)
Disable Cheating Even Further
More to the Storyline - Bigger information Computer

Will Mouse Challenge 4 be the last in the series? We will find out.... Eventually.

The next Game in the Mouse Challenge Series; Mouse Challenge 3 is being made! So far I have only started work on the main menu interface. Graphics should be improved as I have upgraded from Flash MX 2004 to Flash 8 so I can include Filters. Any Suggestions I would Appreciate! Thanks, MVK-Productions.

Mouse Challenge 2 has been released!

This is another early screenshot of Mouse Challenge 2. This Is A Screenshot Of The Main Menu. Once again, there is allot of visual work to do, as well as adding a music selection bar.

Mouse Challenge 2 - Main Menu - Early Screenshot - Work in Progress!

This is an early screenshot of Mouse Challenge 2 - Level 1. It is just a rough idea, and still needs allot of visual work. Here is the screenshot.

Early Mouse Challenge 2 Level 1 Screenshot - Work in Progress

Very Sorry, but Mouse Challenge 2 will be delayed. It is now prdicted to release in early May.