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Amazing ending

Fantastic ending to a truly epic series. Every episode I was gripped by the unfolding storyline and we have all seen Jerry and the numerous other characters evolve dramatically throughout the series.
Its great to finally fit the last piece of the puzzle and answer all of the questions left behind every episode!

Also, I watched the commentary which was a laugh and nice to hear the thoughts and creativity behind the creator of the series. The bonus cartoon was extremely random and fun end to the movie!


Great, but Its silly that you have to go through that to play games - its dumb

anyway good solution =)

let me try - n.e.w.g.r.o.u.n.d.s

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Outstanding, even the credits were insanely awesome. It was fantastic to see from Jackie's point of view after Jerry's, which I am also a huge fan of. Brilliant stuff here =D

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But i found the mouse control frustrating, if your trying to move the mouse quickly the wheel can go to fast or slow or out of the flash window, making the drill thingy go somewhere you don't want it.

Graphical improvements needed, but good start.

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the cheat?

i dnt see what it does ?

anyways okay game, likes the messages as they made me want to click more lol

Projec7 responds:

thanks, pretty good you see one of my more serious submissions


for a first game, this is pretty awesome =D theres a few glitches to be worked out although it is a pretty fun game with good music, controls, graphics and gameplay!

Great for a first try =)

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Perfect for the new game

Excellent work, featured in our upcoming submission

Full credit to your epic skills =]

5'd and faved

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camman007 responds:

Awesome and thanks for using it! :D


I'm sorry, I was one of the people who used the original =P

However I was going to use it in my next game and I shall use this one instead =D

awesome tunes man, keep it up =)


DonWej responds:

Ah there's nothing wrong with using the old one. It was a test actually that got picked up. There are few tweaks that I wanted to add balance wise that are in this one.

I highly respect anyone that knows their way around flash so having any of my songs be a part of it is very exciting to me.

Thanks again!

Great, I have a question...

I have selected your song as my number one choice for my new show on youtube. If I have your permission, it will be my MAIN THEME and you will get FULL CREDIT for the song.

Please reply or message me if you would like to allow this. I WILL NOT use it without permission. Thanks, MVK-Productions.

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Yamalazoo88 responds:

wow... thank you sooo much i will PM you. YES YOU CAN USE MY SONG!!!! THANKS FOR THE REVIEW ALSO!

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